Arranging a living room, kitchen or any room!!?

Options for arranging furniture, remodeling or buying new pieces!

We wanted to show you guys just how easy choosing your new sofa or picking a new kitchen layout during a remodel can be!! We will come out to your home, take measurements of your space and put them into our computer program. 

Then we can look at what you want the room to serve as. More of an entertaining area for friends, you may need as much seating as possible. Or maybe you just bought a beautiful old farm house and the current kitchen layout just doesn’t flow…

We will take any situation and give you multiple solutions!!

When selecting furniture from our two favorite lines Norwalk Furniture and Craftmaster Furniture, we will be able to take exact dimensions of that sofa you fell in love with… then plop it into your computerized living room. We will show you just how far your sofa will be from the television, for the T.V. zombie in your family .. or how much space you have left over to fit that cute accent chair you had your eyes on!!

Here are just a few examples from other happy customers who were part of the fun process!!

Farmhouse Kitchen Option 1:



Farmhouse Kitchen Option 2:




Farmhouse Kitchen Option 3:




Living Room layout example: 




Visual design ideas for a massive stair wall!!

Do you have a large wall in your home that sits empty?… 

We totally get it!! These large walls that stare us in the face saying “pay attention to me in a major way”, but freak us out because what in the world would work… right?!

Well, here at design a la mode we have a really cool computer program that allows us to take a picture of that monster… then upload it into our program and put real decorations, art and wall papers on it! Giving you options to see what that wall might actually look like. This process will take some of the nervousness out when committing to something you will be looking at for a while!! 

Check out this stair wall, that had the same issue… 

Blank wall demanding attention:



Option 1:

Wall paper framed out in panels! This gives you the wall paper feel,

without spending extra on doing the whole wall!!


Option 2:

Framing out just the center portion of the wall with wall paper

and accenting it with some beautiful metal art pieces from our store!


Option 3:

Again, framing out the center portion of the wall with wall paper,

but this time adding in some personal artwork (maybe family pictures)

and accenting again with those cool metal pieces!!


What’s not to love, right!?! 

We include you in on the process, you might show us a few pieces you really love in the store, then we incorporate them in our designs. Or if you have run out of ideas… we can come up with some for you, then we go from there!! 

It’s design made easy!!! (And way more fun!!)

New 2017 Norwalk Furniture looks!

These rooms are such a breath of fresh air!!!

Hello friends! We just wanted to share some sneak peak pictures from this years Las Vegas market 2017!! Norwalk furniture has such amazing fabrics and fun looks… the years of not enough color are over!!

Click here to view Norwalk’s home page, where you can actually see what your fabrics will look like on the pieces you are interested in. Use their “browse and customize” tab to get started… have fun!! 

Norwalk Furniture Line


Rachel Ray’s Home is here!!

You guys!! Rachel Ray is in the house, literally!! 

Our Craftmaster Furniture line has teamed up with Rachel and her people to bring some of her new furniture to us in sweet Suamico, Wisconsin!! Check out some of these furniture pieces and her video below.

Not only has Rachel created beautiful fabrics of her own, but you can also choose to mix and match any of the original fabrics from our Craftmaster Furniture line as well, to create your unique look!!

Click here, to view some of the Rachel Ray pieces we carry through Craftmaster Furniture.

Furniture from Rachel Ray

Inspiring before and afters from House Beautiful magazine!

Hello lovelies!!! 

Check out some of these simple yet brilliant, before and afters we just love!!! Just click the link here… House Beautiful … and see for yourself.

Getting inspired is the easy part, making it actually come to life can be the tricky part — but that’s where we can help you!! “Where do I find that cute wall paper”, you say… we carry so many cute and large print wall papers that will turn your laundry room into a magazine picture just like this!! 

See… here is just a few that we carry that could also go behind that washer and dryer!! ….