Unique tile bathroom remodel before and after!!

A funky tile can make all the difference!! 

Your home is your pallet to express yourself and feel good about everyday – after all you spend a lot of time there, you might as well totally love it! 

You will see the before pictures of this bathroom are just fine, it’s still a nice bathroom, it just doesn’t tell a story or make you feel excited! We believe that fun colors, shapes and textures can create that expressive room that makes you feel fresh walking into! 

Adding a fun tile to this bathroom was just the “punch” it was begging for. Choosing a funky shape, but in a neutral color, allows you to have some with without committing to a “SCARY” bright bold color; which we think is still awesome when done in the right space. 

masterbefore4 masterbefore3 masterbefore2 masterbefore


Just have fun with it …

So we would love to help you branch out a little bit, there are so many beautiful tiles and stones that can help any space in your home have a little flare in it again! For our projects we love to use The Tile and Stone Gallery as our inspiration for finding the perfect material, they have so many options and such a great show room to help you visualize any idea you have. 

masterafter masterafter2 masterafter3 masterafter4 masterafter5


Living room transformation – before and after design a la mode!

This living room gets a makeover! 

Check out this face-lift for a living room of our customers! The room just needed a little design love to help show off it’s great features! As you see, the fireplace just screams “look at me” , right when you walk into the room, so we knew we needed to help it shine. By lightening up the wood shelf units on each side of it (by putting an off-white paint on them), it makes the stone pop and pulls more grey colors instead of warmer browns because of the wood tones next to it before. 


keeblerlrbefore keeblerlrbefore3 keeblerlrbefore2


A few tricks of trade! 

Also, if you have a longer living room like this one, with a “darker or heavy” looking fireplace at the back, lightening up the shelving units at that end of the room will help the room now feel visually evened-out! Then adding bright pops of colorful accessories in the light shelves, really helps you see a contrast and gives the room so much interest while telling a story with your accessories! 

Now stepping out from the fireplace, you will see we switched up the paint color to a (darker than the shelving units) taupe grey, this allows us to focus on bringing in fun colors in the furniture and accessories! 


Painted wood shelves helps a darker brick fire place really stand out!

Painted wood shelves around brick fireplace really make the whole room pop!!

Painted wood shelves on either side of darker brick fireplace!

Painted shelves really make a darker brick fireplace stand out!!



Reupholstery before and after pictures!!

Furniture Makeovers!! 

Check out some of these fun before and after photos of upholstery we’ve done! Some pieces of furniture are just way too cool to get rid of, so bring to us at Grey Dog Textiles, so we can help you find that funky fabric that will bring life back into your piece. 

grandpaschairbefore grandpaschairafter2 grandpaschairafter b4bluefloralaccentchairafterbluefloralaccentchair afterbluefloralaccentchairback   b4bluecheckrockerb4bluecheckrockerbackafterbluecheckrocker2afterbluecheckrocker

The possibilities are endless……

Whatever piece you have, a dresser, ottoman, chair, headboard, night stand, stools … you name it; we can help make it like new again with upcycling, upholstering, or refinishing! We have hundreds of fabric books at Grey Dog Textiles that will be sure to fit the vision of which you are trying to achieve with your piece, anywhere from a fun-vibrant print to classic and simplistic fabric that will stand the test of times!! Here are just a few fun fabrics we to show you …